Thursday, August 4, 2011

am in no mood...

Today I've been very lazy. Is it because of the weather or what?! I also don't know. Just being lazy I guess..that's all~

The weather has been very bad lately, extremely hot I shall say. Today, the weather just nice. A bit cloudy and not as hot as usual days. These is great in fact. However, I felt so moody. I'm in no mood neither for homework nor story books. What I could think of is "I am so tired."~~

Don't know why, but today sounds quiet in every aspect. Everyone is having their own probs, so do I!!! My biggest prob is "How am I gonna get through this f7 paper?". I find myself very blur in this so called IAS thingy. My lecturer isn't giving me a clear picture anywhere. I don't like her course material either. godness!!! It's just the second lesson and I already have such a problem with her. How to survive till the end???

Sometimes, there are certain things that we can't actually just depends on memorising. I don't even think memorise do give me a helping hand here. How do memorise when I'm not sure what is it talking about?! I really really lost my confidence now...

Moreover, about a few weeks later would be my result day. What else would I need to do...?! If I were to fail one of my paper, I would be in a big trouble as well. My maximum limit is one paper only. The one and only paper that I'm not giving it a big hope~~~
Of course, I hope for some miracle to happen. It would be better if I pass all the three of it ",)

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