Monday, August 22, 2011

~Announcement of Failure~

I've been having a bad day before result release. When I recalled about last night, I think all these was a sign of failure. I've been having a bad headache yesterday......

This morning, I was totally not in the mood. Apart from the headache that I'm still having, I really can't stop myself to bother about result. I was calculating time throughout my lesson in class. When the lecturer kept reminded us about the result releasing soon, I really felt so bad about it.
The moment I heard people reporting themselves failing their last sitting examination, I started to scared. I was like freak out by then~ I asked around for more possibility of good results, but I ended up receiving more bad news. Failed one, failed two...almost pass!!! I can't hold that anymore.

I'm scared to log on to my account to take a look at it. At first, I said I'm not going to look at it until 5pm. Yet, the moment I got home, I browse through then I realised there's no need to check on it after 5pm. If I failed, then I'll still fail no matter when I check on it. I really did open my mail to have a look. Guess what?! I was so disappointed with myself......
I'm totally speechless to see myself failing my taxation too. I didn't expect myself to fail this paper. I've been expecting my law to fail all these while but not for my taxation. When I saw the marks, I really want to bang myself to the wall!!! Almost there...just a few more steps to the passing door~ Now, I've to restart everything just because of the few steps.

I'm kind of phobia to retake those failed in fact. Don't know I can do that or not this coming sitting......

So heart breaking now......I'm leave totally speechless!!! I need more time to get back to normal. Where are my lucky charm?! I need you!!!!!!!!!

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