Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Conflict of Ease and Stress~

It's been a long time I didn't update my blog. might thought that a week is not a long time, but within this week time really do mean a lot to me. With the beginning of this week, I start to feel the stress within myself. Today is Wednesday. By right, I'm ease to know that today is Wednesday. Nevertheless, I'm also stress to know that today is already Wednesday.

I've started my new semester now. At first, I felt like exciting. I'm curious for everything - the lecturers, my course mates, my course notes and of course, my results too. Everything were not in my expectation so far.

Lets use my Financial Reporting lesson for instance. I'm not quite surprised that my new lecturer would be a lot different from the last lecturer's performance. She's not just different, but also so in a mess. I can see her improving and changing way of lecture in order to fit with our expectation. However, she still need a lot of improvement, either from lecture or time management. Okay, she's new! I understand her, but who will understand me?! At least she's on the path to success...ME, just on my way~

Another torturing moment would be my Audit and Assurance lesson. It's a long weekend I'm having last week. Starting from Friday night, I've been doing the work of copying. No doubt, she's a environmental friendly lecturer I've ever seen. She suggested for us to copy our own notes instead of using a ready made notes from her. Although both notes would end up the same as from her, but her main idea is that, students can remember better through copying rather than just read what is there.

Could you imagine a long hours classes of eight to nine hours and you have to do all the copying work?! I bet you'll die of copying one day......I'm not kidding you know!!! After the weekend block, I've recalculated roughly how many foolscap I've used, and I found out that I've copied about fifteen foolscap of both side (fully utilised). Imagine you copy from 1pm-10pm, then the next day you continue from 8am-6pm......that was truly a long hour of hand exercise~ Oh!! More surprisingly, we are required to sit for our first progress test after the last three days of long hours classes. UNBELIEVABLE!!!

I'm not ready for the test yet so far as I'm still in the stress mode with my financial course. I'm glad that I didn't take three subjects at once. Looks like I've made a right choice though I felt like I've been wasting a lot of my time all this while.

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