Tuesday, August 16, 2011

tHe conFlict of emO aNd stRess part II

what makes me conflicting again today?! well, today i have my first progress test for my audit and assurance paper. it's very easy yet so difficult......i could hardly thought of those points that i've memorised last night, not to say to pour it all out into a page of essay~
before the exam, i'm totally stressed up. i'm having an option to study, but i'm motivated to chat with my old friend who is leaving soon; during the exam, i'm stressed to answer the questions presented to me. 
after the exam, i'm totally blur!!! i don't know what am i doing?! all i know is that one of my old classmate is going to go abroad. she's going else where today...going some where far away from me to further her education. it's something good and perfect in fact. nevertheless, i'm emo-ing now. though we have had a lot of fun before she left for her better future, i'm still having a bit of sadness hiding deep inside my heart~
i shall miss my friend a lot. she's going there for three years. three years can do a lot of things. by then, i should be working either.
friends will be flying one by one to their destined place...and i'm still here as usual!!! sometimes, i do hope that i could fly to somewhere far far away...i would rather choose to fly abroad than seeing my group of close friends flying one by one. i don't mind to experience the feeling of leaving all my friends and family here for a moment though~
i started to miss her, miss all my friends...and i felt guilty for not being able to skype with her last night. it's was just a small request from her last minute before she fly, yet i didn't manage to fulfill her. i'm guilty!!!
currently, i'm preparing a slide of our photos as a memory of our friendship. hope i can get it done perfectly...~

p.s. emo-ing mode now...

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