Friday, August 19, 2011

I want MIRACLE...

At this point of time, I have no other but worry...... WORRY, WORRY, WORRY!!! I'm worry to the max now. It's 19th of August today!!! OMG...!!! I'm curious; I'm worry; I'm of no way, but nervous~

I told myself to be easy. After all, I have made the great deal to myself. If, if I were to fail, I shall fail only F4, ONLY F4!!! That's more. I can bear no more than that. I'm gonna be crazy if the time go slower, but I'm gonna worry to dead if the time go faster...... I don't know what I want!!!

I know I'm not the only one worrying now. Nevertheless, I can't help myself. Nothing can ever stop me from thinking about it. Though I've tried to talk to my friends about it, but they also feel worry and nervous now. Everyone is counting towards the day of the result coming out. I wonder I would be able to go to class and sit right there as usual?! 

I remember last lesson I was having fun because of some funny people asking funny questions and doing silly mistakes. Imagine she was not paying attention during the lesson which was very obvious (from my point of view), then she asked the lecturer: "Since the depreciation is more than the cost on the third year, the answer suppose to be in negative, right?!" Hahaha laugh out loud!!! Obviously, the answer is due to wrong calculation...try to press your calculator also know the answer la~ There's another time she made herself silly too. The lecturer asked:"20x4-20x6 is how many years?" I remembered she answered:" It's 6 years." Unbelievable answer I've ever heard!!! Well, of course, that was the time when there's no worry.

How would the day be to me?! Would it be a bad and sad day or rather a day full of miracle?! Huh...I don't know either~ Lets hope for the best!!! I'm in no's a bad, bad August to me! :(

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