Monday, August 29, 2011

it's holiday?!

Tomorrow is a holiday but I'm not happy because I'm having a bad toothache... Most importantly, I got tonnes of "To-do-list" for this week. My time is fully occupied lolx~

Ever since my result released, I've not been having a good day. I'm sick before result released; And, I continue sick after my result released. Aduh...I don't know what life am I having now!!! So sick with my life now but I've got no choice. How I wish more time is given to me...... I really got a lot of things in my mind that I wanted to do.

Why on earth is my life full of cross road?! Is it because of "the road not taken"?! Sometimes, I really thought of what if I didn't choose this road at the first place. Would that make any difference?! Or, just another similar route?!

Most of my friends keep asking me am I sure to take up four subjects this sem?! I've been giving them the same old answer all these while — "Yes, I'm sure". However, deep inside my heart I'm doubt about that. It's not an easy decision to make though. Taking four at once is quite time consuming and hard also but I really don't like to let it to extent till next sem. That would be slightly too long. By giving up any one subject from what I'm taking at present would be a waste since I'm already in the middle of the syllabus.
Decisions really do make my life hard. I HATE making decisions badly!!!

~Life's really full of possibility and it's hard to manipulate~

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