Monday, August 1, 2011

My last holiday & my first day of class

Well, I ended up spending my last holiday with a book fair held at Crown Square yesterday. I saw some nice second hand books~ Yeah, there were a lot of them until I don't even know which shall I choose. I walked around here and there, expecting for some more good stories.

In fact, there were a lot of choices I have had. There were paperback's books, general books, romance, health, sports and humuor. Mostly I've got is from the paperback. I don't really know the author well though, but I managed to choose seven books out of the dozens of books at the fair.

It didn't cost much of the money. What we care is whether the books worth of buying. I can tell you, it's worth of buying. I really spend much more lesser than buying a book from a bookstore, and most importantly, I heard it's instead a charity fair. Thus, I'm indirectly doing some charity there.

I started to read one of the books bought. So far, the story goes well. It's still in a good impression. I should be able to finish it anytime sooner only if I'm not too busy or tired since I'm having class now.

Today, I'm in my college for new subject. The lecturer is a new girl from some where else. She looks okay, but kind of not having enough experience. How I wish she can voice up a little bit more, like what my secondary teacher used to tell me: "Don't eat up your words!". She was doing that just now.

I'm quite okay with the class but not until I found out she's not teaching step by step. Ahh...let me rephrase! I shall say she's not telling us clearly the steps. Therefore, I believe most of us would find ourselves getting lost during revision later.

Worst of all, she even took up some of our time to finish her lesson. We are suppose to have class till 1pm only. At the end, we ended class at 1.30pm. I know this would shows her responsibility in her career, but can't she think of students who might not be driving on their on?! She'll get them into trouble. Some parents might be using their lunch hour to pick up their children. If you took up some of their time out of sudden just with a question: "You don't have class after this right?!", then, who would replace back the half and hour that their parents lost...?! She really should have asked us: "Any one of you not driving on their own?" instead. She just forgot to bring her brain into the class as a whole I think~~ @.@

Huhh..., she really gave me a bad impression today. I know she's new. So what?! New doesn't mean don't know. If really don't know, please ask!!! That's what lecturer always teaches us, don't they?!

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