Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Extraction = Headache?!

Find myself have not been updating my blog for a week...Oh well, my life have been very exciting these days. Sort of!!!

I've got my wisdom tooth extracted last week which in other words - SUFFERING!!! Yeah, I'm suffering from a bad headache after the extraction. I can't do the normal daily activities I'm used to. Almost everyday I'm active for about 2 or 3 hours only. The rest of my time, I need a big rest. I can't move anymore the moment I got headache. I can actually feel the pain from my brain nerves when I walk around. And, ohh...I actually stop every revision process too~ BAD NEWS!!!

I'm left with another two more months to finish my whole revision for the final. Now, headache has been reducing my process. I wonder I can make it till the end this year. I'm regretting for the decisions I've made before the extraction. Nevertheless, regret is not gonna help anyway... All I'm gonna do is step-by-step, walk ahead, let the route leads me to the end~

Today, I've been practicing myself in drinking a cup of milk everyday. It's kinda suffering though. I don't like the smell it has. I don't know how to describe but I know I just can't stand the smell. Funny haa...?! I can eat cheese, but not drinking milk. =_=" I just need more time to practice myself to drink more milk. My parents kept telling me that I'm not having enough calcium. Laugh out loud!!! Kinda real though...

All I'm gonna conclude here is that drink more milk, get more calcium and take good care of your innermost wisdom teeth. :)

P.s. Have a nice day ahead everyone~ ^_^

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