Saturday, September 10, 2011

~*wee* Wasting time, writing blog~

Almost forgotten when was the last time I'm updating my blog. I'm kind of getting forgetful lately. Huuhh...not a good sign I guess~
What to do?! I can't even memorise my notes properly. People always said: "Understand it, not memorise it." Nevertheless, I don't think that everything works that way. Sometimes, there is certain things that you just gotta memorise. Well, at least there are keywords that you need to memorise. How could possibly that one can actually understand a keyword without memorising it?! When one is understanding it, they can be said that they are sub-conciously memorising it in fact.
Anyway, that's not my point of writing blog here. I'm just wanted to loiter around the blog with a purpose which is to waste my time on something I think useful. At least, it's useful than watching drama. Well, I don't know. I'm just expecting to stop myself from self-entertaining for this semester. I take it as a punishment for myself. Will that actually works, I also don't know!!!
What I know is that I get to become reluctant from time to time. I'm not fully self controllable. I also don't know what had causes all these de-motivation deep inside myself. I can feel that I'm de-motivated in a way, but neither know why, know how nor know what~
Maybe I'm just being not myself...... I'm getting tired of all these studying life I guess. X___X

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