Monday, October 31, 2011

Busy week vs. Busy week

A busy week had just passed, yet here comes another terrible week. Starting from today, I'll be having a month fully occupied by revisions and weekend classes. Talking about weekend classes, I felt like to faint~ Imagine a weekend classes of 4 days continuously from early morning to late evening...... Awful weekends!!! matter how awful will it be, I'll still have to face it though! Just can't believe how am I going to look like by the time I finish my weekend classes, especially I'll need to prepare for my group revision right after a long weekends I'm having. Is that really a life of a uni student?! Then, it shall be rather too torturing. I don't feel the sense of uni though. What I felt was the pressure of studying, studying, and studying.

Hmm...when November begins, this shows how nervous I'll need to be by then. It's a month of preparation I'll have before the final. A time for me to prepare for my resit papers as well as my current studying subjects.
Here it goes again, the creepy feeling of exam when it comes to LAW. The unease feeling of getting 10 questions, and having a limited time of not more than 3 hours (180 mins), which means approximately 18 minutes to write out an answer of one and a half page full in order to get 10 marks. The biggest stress I'm having is the so called standard of examination for ACCA - to attempt every questions, otherwise FAIL you get though in actual you score more than pass @_@
As a conclusion, don't judge a thing by its appearance. ACCA seems to be easy for having it to be completed in the shortest time of 3 years (including CAT), but in fact it's not as easy as it's expected to be. Nevertheless, the benefit could be gain from achieving ACCA is really WOW!!! P.s. Provided you get it hahahahaa......

Well I admitted that I've not been doing the best of me, did I?! Nah...I don't think so. Otherwise, I should have called myself as brainless~

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