Friday, October 14, 2011

Latest me :P

I’ve been giving myself an easy life lately though the final is just around the corner. I think I’ve gone to the wrong field. Well, this is what I choose. So, what I’m gonna do now is to work it out!!! I really need to work it out now. I’ve no other choice up to this level. Never give up on the path we choose, that’s all I can tell myself all these while. I’m trying my best now. Learned to sleep late even though I’m having classes next day just to gain myself more extra times preparing for my final. It’s about one and a half month from now. Choosing to sit for four papers in the final is killing, but wasting my time and money for the decisions I’ve made are more killing.

Hahaha introduced to you my new kids’ toothbrush after I’ve remove my wisdom tooth. This is what I’m using currently. I’ve no choice apart from using it. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to brush all my teeth properly with a big empty tooth socket unsealed there. I was so shock to hear that it shall take me about 10 years to fully cover up the tooth socket. I should have requested the dentist to stitch it up for me earlier on. Well, this is what happened when dentist is in a hurry, especially on a peak day like Friday.

Another thing I’ve been depending on so far would be this – Listerine! Found it very useful and helpful after I’ve plugged off my wisdom tooth. It actually enables me to clear my tooth socket properly. If not, I think my socket would fill with foods I ate…… Never like to use it before because of the taste and smell it has. But then, I started to like it as it helps me a lot in clearing my mouth. Nevertheless, this would be the new expenses in my life now. I can actually finish one bottle of 250ml within a month. Hmm…gotta get some bigger bottle Listerine soon!!!

Lately, I’m back to eating-mode. Almost every weekend when I’m free from classes, I’ll start to think of a menu to prepare with my sister. It’s so much fun to have all the delicious food on the table rather than all the same old menu daily. Somehow, it’s nice to prepare food and sit around in a family to eat. It’s much more fun that we could have ^_^

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