Thursday, October 6, 2011

Some ridiculous people around the world...

Here I am again to complain about a guy! I'm supposed to post it out on Monday, but there was some line connection problems that I'm facing by then. I didn't thought of writing blog to neither scold people nor cursing people. However, I find it very useful to release my anger here rather than I exploded my brain indirectly!

There is a guy who worked as an administrative staff in my college. He's having a kind of attitude that I'm not happy with all these while. Nevertheless, I thought it's forgivable as human has their own attitude or mood, but provided that they know how to control it...... Well, at least, that is my limit!!!

You know what?! That sick guy was busy doing his things. I saw that!!! Thus, I thought of standing at a side silently, expecting to wait for him to at least finish keying-in his thing first. Unfortunately, he come to me and get my book. He said: "Borrow haa???" I replied him by saying: "Nope. It's renew." He then continue said: "You didn't say you want to renew, I thought you want to borrow. Next time, renew say renew!!!" I was so shock by then. A picture come to my mind, thinking: "Didn't my library list showing it clearly. Did you actually doing your job?! Why on earth did you said that to me? I didn't do anything wrong, did I?" A lot of question marks just go by my brain at that second~ 

I walked away, giving him a kind of unhappy look without looking further for any anger to shoot right to me again! I was so angry after that. I'm so speechless, especially I'm being scolded when I'm trying to do something good which is to let him finish his work before I asked him to help me to renew my book. Yet, I ended up being "shoot" for something which I think is ridiculous. It's not only me the only person feeling that. My friend also asked me why did he asked such a question to me and his temper......

Well, I don't know! I'm just taught to be polite to customer, especially to those who are doing services. Did I just get scolded for a service I'm paid for?! Obviously, I was!!! He's gonna pay for that, I tell you! I'm not the kind of person who can get things forgotten easily. I told myself to put him into trouble in the next nearest staff evaluation form. He should have paid for what he had done.

Starting from that day onwards, I ignore him almost thoroughly. The moment I saw him, I give him an angry look. I didn't talk to him. When I want to renew my book, I said out loud: "Renew!!!" with a strong, demanding tone. Hopefully he's aware of my unfriendly attitude towards him. Well, you know, some people are just so damn ignorance of the mistakes they have made or rather they are not aware of it at all. SLOWCOACH...SLOWCOACH...SLOWCOACH!!! the way, he's the most ridiculous guy I've ever seen before~ Gentleman out there, please don't be like him!!! It's so damn annoying...

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