Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My Christmas 2011~

Thought of having a nice memorable Christmas holidays this year. Nevertheless, the heavy rain spoiled everything.

My family and I went for a one night stay at Sematan Palm Beach Resort. It's in fact a good idea to have on such a holiday. I was excited at first, but not until the actual day come. It had been raining cats and dogs early in the middle of the night. Therefore, the entire weather was so wet and moody. The sky was filled with clouds, clouds and clouds.

Along the way to Sematan, we went for a Christmas visiting. Again, the heavy rain spoiled everything. Whenever there's a stop, an umbrella was needed. Can you imagine yourself nicely dressed, and yet, you need to get yourself wet?! Huuhh...that was a bad idea, you know?

I had been thinking positively along the way to Sematan. However, it just kept raining non stop. When we reached our destination, it still rain. I was expecting myself to go around in the wet weather. The wind was so strong, no doubt. The wave too. I expected for a photo shooting session. Yet, everything went upside down. Sounds like we booked the place for a change of sleeping place. We ended up sitting in the room more often than we went for a walk.

Anyway, we still have some enjoyment from the Christmas special buffet provided by the management to their homestay customer. I enjoyed the foods and drinks, definitely. There were so much choices provided to us. The only comment I'll have here is regarding the limited space at the restaurant. They didn't even provide us with a sufficient number of plates. That was not so important now. Guess they'll make some improvement for that in the future.

The remaining of the day, we spent it on some Christmas related movie and titbits (junk food) session. We also played with our little boy there, my nephew. He's such an adorable one. I've had so much fun and laughter with him. Oh! He's the only model for me, and my sisters and brother-in-law.

The next day, early in the morning we all woke up. The sky didn't look so great either. At least, we were able to go for a morning walk and have some sense of sea breeze. The wind were strong enough to wake me up. The!!! I shall say, it's so nice to at least have myself a little moment away from the busy life out there, and taste of the nature.

I managed to take some photo at the end. It's some profile type picture. I also sat down at a shed and recorded the sound of waves while enjoying the strong sea wind blowing towards me. Though it's raining then, I still prefer to sit down there and enjoy the remaining time I have had at Sematan.

I planned to go for a stay again next time, may be with my close friends then. It should be fun if it's not rain by then~

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