Wednesday, December 14, 2011

You Are The Apple Of My Eyes♥¸. • *

After a long break from writing my blog, here I am again to brighten up my page ^_^

It's been a while ever since my last post here. I'm missing my blog all these while. Nevertheless, I've been keeping myself tough enough to not writing any blog during the month of revision for my final. A long war had kept me tired & unfortunately I fell sick simply before my final. Indeed, I'm quite worry that time as I'm totally lethargic & dizzy that time. I ended up, sleeping more than reading & practicing for my final. The process was difficult as you can see...My bed is covered by books & stationery. But, I manage to get through it! And now, here I am again, full of cheer, writing my blog.

The day after my final, I've been to a gathering with my friends. We went to Station One @ the Hills. It indeed is a nice place to hang out with friends, especially Christmas is around the corner. I thought of asking them out for Christmas countdown though. Unfortunately, one of them is not available during that time. Therefore, I'm looking for another countdown during New Year eve. Well, will see how it goes then. After all, staying out late at night is something so impossible for some of us.

Yesterday, I went to watch a movie with my friends named "You Are The Apple Of My Eyes". It's a nice movie though there is some funny part in it. I admit it did bring back some memories of my school days. It's a meaningful storyline. It also reminds me that "Something which already past doesn't mean it's not worth remembering as it'll still be part of your memories in the future. So, appreciate what you have now & every moment you go through because time will passed, opportunity will forgone."

I met some old friends at the cinema too. Nevertheless, what made me upset was they all tend to ignore my existence the moment they saw me. Did they just being ashamed to see me there or did I not enough class to be their ex-schoolmate??? Why?! Why?! Why?! I'm filled with question marks......

I'm having fun with my friends though. Eat, drink, loiter around the shopping mall and etc. I'm looking forward to another outing with them before this year ends. I want to have more happy memories than upset ones.

Anyway, I'll stop here. Shall be updating more with some outing photo soon. Good day bloggers~

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