Sunday, January 8, 2012


It's a brand new year. Everything was suppose to be in a good start. However, not until the heavy rain on Thursday.

The rain started late at night and stopped around 3am. An hour later, the rain continued heavily non stop. This had caused the entire town area seriously flooded early in the morning. This situation had not been happening for quite a long time already. Could you imagine the entire town area of Kuching is being flooded like what?! This is totally ridiculous.

That morning left me a very bad impression on this new year. It's not a good start like what I've expected. My house had never been into such flood circumstances for years, from when I've started my school life. Even though when I'm in Form 2 there has been a minor flood situation, but I managed to walk through it to get back to my home. The water level that time was just about half of my knee length. The road was not badly flooded back then.

I was just curious how can the rain brought such a big disaster to us early in the morning??? This is so ridiculous!!! Could you imagine the water level can actually cover the bonnet of a car, and some can even cover the entire rooftop of the car?! This is seriously making me sick~ What to say the flood had actually causes people to drown away by the big monsoon drain nearby my house......

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