Thursday, January 26, 2012

CNY 2012

It's the third day of CNY!!! Happy Chinese New Year everyone~

I've been very busy since the first day of CNY. Serving and washing, serving and washing...that's the only job I have for the entire CNY. Kind of boring and tiring though, especially when you are the only one to do the whole task at a time. I have to greet people, serve and wash at the same time. Even my relatives also laugh at me saying: "The youngest in the house...always the last to come out to greet. So busy." I said: "What to do?!" I really have no choice but to complete my task.

The second day of CNY thought of waking up late. Nevertheless, still have to wake up early preparing myself to go out for visiting. @.@ Kinda faint already. Imagine I slept so late the night before......

The third day of CNY. I went for visiting with my friends!!! It's the fun part of the entire CNY celebration. Going out with friends can hear a lot of university life's story from them. It's been a long time that I've not seen them. This CNY gather us all together, except for the other four gang who are away from hometown. I'm the driver today! Oh, I was so lucky to have my mission accomplished...... It's been a long time I didn't drive the car. Lol. I drive my mum to clinic; I drive myself to my friends' house; I drive all the way to free industrial zone to pick up my sister [P.s. That's the only condition for me to book the car for the whole day!]
Anyway, driving's tiring~ I can only said that I'm totally tired now. Leg pain after driving for the whole day. Luckily, I went out to meet a long lost Singapore friend just now with another friend of us, who is very automatically willing to drive me. Otherwise, I think I'll go elsewhere with the heavy rain outside. I totally see nothing from the window.

I need to recharge my battery for tomorrow. more day then I'm back to school life. And ohh!!! Not to forget, my working life too~

Having fun today though is tiring, but I've heard a lot of funny story and jokes. That's made my day~

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