Wednesday, January 18, 2012

...Just Not My Style...

CNY's coming soon! I'm not totally ready for it though. I haven't clean my stuff, living room and also study room. I have a lot, lot, lot more things to clean. Yet, I'm totally reluctant to do it.

In this very new year, I've made some changes to myself. My hair. I've curled my hair as what my friends always encouraged me to do. Now, I regret to do it. I really shouldn't have change my stand for my style all this while. I find curling my hair is a disaster I created for myself. @.@

Well, at least I'm sure I'm totally not into this curly hairstyle. It's in fact a "boom" of my hair. doubt it does look hairy on me. Nevertheless, I found my hair texture is not really suitable to it. The curl don't get that curl; the straight don't get that straight; the hair goes here and there, and everything is in a mess.

Disaster! It's a big big disaster~

I'm thinking of straightening now. For me, money is important, but appearance seems to be more important to be now. However, I need to get through some people's approval first, I guess?!

Well, I see this would be another good challenge to me this year. What other solution I can have besides straighten it back to my original hair???

Cutting it off could be a good idea, but...there's a long way for it to get long; Tie up my hair at the moment could be another solution, but...there's gonna be a lot of comment and criticism here and there; Just let it be might be the last choice, as it's not a good idea at all because I might look crazy with that style on me, walking out there.

Anyway, I could only say: "It's just not my style." After this time, I think I would rather stay either long or short hairstyle will do... Well, short hair can always grow long; long hair can always cut short. When there's neither short nor long I can decide, then medium I go. As soon as, I remain straight hair.

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