Friday, January 20, 2012

~My 4th Miracle Day in 2012~

After I have been waiting for so long, finally my fourth miracle day come to me three days before CNY!!! OMG...I'm so excited and happy now. Although there has been a lot of bad prediction for me in this year, but what will happen can never be avoided. Why not just let it be...?!

Everything just come to me so well at the beginning. I wonder would the bad things come to me on 13 February... It's the most scary day of all ever since I have started my fundamental level~

Four papers in a sem is fantastic but lethargic; When it comes to result release date, I couldn't imagine. I can imagine every friend of mine who knew I took four papers would surely come to me that day. Yeah.., I know. It's a challenge to myself. At the same time, I thought of chasing back my life time in studies. No matter what it will be, will be.'s not a suitable time for this at the moment. I'd better think about how to keep all my study material away from the living room. I've terribly messed up my thing all around last sem @.@

Gotta concentrate on my cleaning job now...
Have a prosperous Chinese New Year everyone!!!

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