Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My new 2012 come in a way...

It's Wednesday!!! The third day of miracle to happen in my life......

In this brand new 2012, my first new year resolution would be to get through my interview. In fact, I don't plan what my resolution should be in this new year. However, everything just move where it should be. So, I just treat it as my new year resolution.

I passed my interview and my examination on the same day, which I called it my first day of miracle.

I got a phone call on the second miracle day to go get a medical check up.

Today, the third miracle day, I got a word from the HR people that I'm 99% confirm. Another 1% would be the remaining health report and the offer letter.

Now, I'm waiting for the fourth miracle day to come to me as soon as possible. Yeah!! I'm way too curious to know the end result now. I'm totally have 50:50 attitude towards my medical report. Anyway, everything would go in the way it should be, if and only if, that is what it is suppose to be.

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  1. Where are u going to work? So fast back to working life edi?