Wednesday, February 1, 2012

First day @ work~

First day of work. I can only said I'm damn tired now!!! Got a feeling of panda look in my ID's photo today. There's always so many rules and disciplinary rules that I need to follow. Hooaa......I'm yawning non-stop since afternoon in the Training and Development Department. @.@ Moreover, I'm almost fall asleep in the CSR presentation. Luckily, I was awake when the presenter mentioned about Article 12 / 21 I also forgot now. Why?! It was because he mentioned: "I know there is one person from Finance Section. You should need this." I really awake from sleeping. And, I'm totally awake since then.

The place is so big, honestly. So, tomorrow I need to spare an extra 10 minutes for me to walk all the way from car park to my office block to scan in my ID. Pheww...I got a feeling of my life in secondary school. I also walk all the way from my house to school which took me about 7 to 8 minutes. That was if I walk very fast.

I saw my future to be head for more than 3 times today. I got no choice but to greet him every time I saw him. Seems to be impolite if I didn't greet him though as he keeps looking at me. Finally, after I "touch and go" my ID after off-duty, I met him again. I also greet him and I thought that would be the last for the day. Yet, he suddenly came over with his bicycle and called my name asked: "What's your ID number haa?" I've got a question mark in my mind then, but I just answered his question in return, and start thinking whether he's asking it for fun or he wanted to buy a lucky number today. Laugh out loud!!!

Anyway, gotta stop writing at the moment. I'm so sleepy now. Gotta get a good night sleep for a better me tomorrow~ Night everyone... ^_^

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