Monday, April 30, 2012

What's my Labour day gonna be......

What's so perfect about Labour Day now...??? When all the people sit back and relax at home, we are called to be involved in the Family Day event. Now, that's the bad part of it. We get paid for that & yeah we got some extra free refreshment early in the morning before our normal working hours even. So what?! I'm losing my free available time for the day. Oh more important thing, we are under paid for that even. Hahaha..that's super duper bad news to us.

What more to say, we are going to be there as early as any other committee would be - before 7am. That's really really early okay!!! It's worst than going to school on a normal day lol... I really gonna die hard for that. Well, guess it's gonna be another busy week for me or maybe I'd rather call it a busy month instead. After all, it's about time to start my final revision for the semester now.

Talking about revision..., I think I've not been doing my revision enough this round. Huh, another nightmare for me?! Nah...!!! I shall not fail any of my attempt this time. I could bear no more of disappointment.

Anyway, guess sleeping less, reading more is what I need now...~ Wait, am I gonna turn myself into a panda later? Hahaha...nope hopefully!!! But, if what I do pays, I think it worth~

What's the theme for tomorrow?!'s HAND-IN-HAND day to us coworkers. Purple would be the theme colour to all of us as a committee. Glad that I've collected some purplish clothes lately.

Gambatae tomorrow!!!

Happy Labour Day everyone...~

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