Sunday, July 8, 2012

Recalling back my life so far...... I've not been updating my blog since 18th June! Haha sorry for not updating~

What kind of June I've been through so far?! Well, it's a busy month for me. I've been in a mess for company's new system, preparing month end closing using the very new system implemented and attended some friends gathering of course. ^_^

My senior and my supervisor have been enjoying taking day off while I'm busy busy busy... This is so not fair!!! Imagine I have to do all the job for those absent as well. This is such a multitasking job I'm doing for the very first time.

I  don't understand...really really not understand! How come people can enjoy doing their job so well, but not me?! I'm always having the stress on job. There's always all sort of circumstances coming towards me.

When I'm new to the place, I always got play around and gossip too. When I started to get used to the environment, I learn not to be so sensitive to those kind of people. However, things would never come to an end. Problems will always come to me. It's good to meet trouble, I admit that. Trouble makes perfect!!!

Nevertheless, these trouble seem to get me into stress. Especially lately, I'm asked to attend a Japanese conversation meeting where I'm totally know nothing about it. This is so not right now!!! I'm not having any supervisory level there. Yet, I'm having the opportunity to be involved in the meeting. 

I'm asked to understand what is the meeting about and the steps. I'm also being asked to assist my supervisor in the coming month end during month end closing. I'm being personally invited by my Japanese advisor to attend the meeting the next day. I knew my Chinese manager doesn't like this somehow. He has his own preferred one to get to attend the meeting, which is my senior. It just so happen that my senior was not around for those two meetings.

I do mind what people may think about me. I'm being close with the Production Senior Manager, some group manager, executives, assistant officer and my supervisor. These is all by coincidence anyway. I didn't do anything on purpose to get close to them. They all come to me naturally. I've been silent mode all these while~ Well, what to be blame?! I can only blame myself for having the friend;y magnet that attracts them to me even I keep low profile.

It's hard to be in a large company of different ethnic, different group. People all having their own mouth with their very own way of interpretation. I can't stop them from thinking bad about me. I can't stop them from gossiping. What I can do is to not do what I shouldn't do, and, I did it!!! I've not been sorry to anyone so far.

I am who I am...and I'm going to be myself till the end~

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