Friday, July 20, 2012

Those in the past...

I so missed the days where we are still in school. Back then, we would always be together, at least during weekdays. Now, we were separated far apart. We seldom meet & all are having their own life cycle. We could hardly reunion compared to the past.

Today, even a short high tea or a breakfast could have made us so appreciate each other. The ties between us are strong enough, grateful about this!!!

Even the past we would never realise about these. Never thought that we would be so appreciate the time being together like now. Meeting each other everyday is just so normal thing during school days. When we started going east and west, we started to look back those times.

Well, this is human! We always get to appreciate things when we can't get hold of it anymore. We are friends & we know that...... Somehow, we can never get together as always as in the past again. What we have now is social networking to keep in touch. However, the Earth is spinning every moment. We'll never get to meet and match our time just as we used to.

When we get busy, we thought of these bunch of friends; When we get sad, we thought of these bunch of friends; When we get lonely, we thought of these bunch of friends; When we have holidays, we thought of these bunch of friends as well...~


How long can a person remain their friendship in life??? How far they can go without friends in life??? How happy would one be to live without friends in life??? How lonely is that for not being able to share your joy with your friends in life???

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