Sunday, December 9, 2012

The road not taken...

When problems come to you, you just have to settle it. You've got no other way but to face it. That's when friends come to your life to rescue......

I'm happy to have so many friends coming around to give me advices.

I'm glad that I've such a caring friends around in my life.

It's in fact a tough decision to make; hard step to move. Nevertheless, the cares and thoughts that my friends have provided me with, I shall take a step forward to face my problem bravely.

Sometimes, I tend to thought of the "Road not taken". I have had a deep impression of this poem. 

From time to time, I tend to think about this when I'm facing a problem.

I would rather thought that "What would the road not taken lead me to if I were to choose it at first?"

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