Tuesday, October 15, 2013

After all these years...

It's been a while ever since I've started with my working life, I tend to spend less time blogging...

Today I have had a gathering with  my old college mates. I nearly forgot how long for some of us of not being course mates anymore. Could be as long as the time I've stopped updating my blog?!

We are all growing up with a different life, different circle, different encounter and etc. Nevertheless, it's glad that we manage to sit here together with a total of thirteen members, as some are out stationed currently.

The feeling of being with all the friends around are great! I like it very much.

I'm kinda boring with my working life from time to time. The society is so fake sometimes. I'm trying my best to adapt to it. Even though I've been in my workplace for about 2 years, I'm still not used to the culture...the culture of "tai chi" in there.

It's rather hard for me to accept a realistic society that I'm facing there but I know I've got to get through it. It's a task, a challenge, a must through situation that I need to overcome with. It may sounds crazy, but yeah...that's what I've always tell myself to do. Otherwise, it's rather hard to been through it.

If I were to choose again, I think I'll still choose to face these rather than to avoid it. Hopefully, I'll not regret for the road not taken.

Well, that's all for the moment!!!

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