Sunday, November 2, 2014

☆It's life that make all the changes☆

I've been missing for a year. Finally, I'm back with my blogger. 

Somehow, work life is way too different from study life. When you're still studying, you tend to have some free time for entertainment, enjoying free time, updating latest status, going for some activity and etc. However, working life is tiring. Everyday there will be a fixed time spend on working. Working might be stress and busy, but there are times where you'll be free like hell. Yet, you'll still have to waste your time sitting there doing nothing, merely browsing your pc, doing 5s maybe?!

I dislike the life spending on unnecessary waiting. I prefer doing something meaningful. Preferably I can spend all my day with activities, fulfilling my day.

Well, I get to be annoyed with the people around me. They're being reluctant to do more, to do well and to be responsible. What kind of society I'm facing now?! I've been trying hard to do my work and play my part well. Nevertheless, that's not what all the others thought off.

Almost three years of working life, I've learn a lot. Most importantly, I've seen a lot and I've gain a lot of experience. I've been moving slow lately, for, I've been having less reason to perform well anymore. 

I like to do the best I can. That's what I did since the beginning of my working life. Thus, I was rewarded for my hard work. I'm glad with that though. Unfortunately, I've been performing less passionate lately. I've found myself doing nothing lately. There has been less opportunity to perform more.

Actually it's quite funny though. I dislike my colleagues but I still prefer to be there. Why?! Being there might be a safety shell to me at the meantime.  I feel that I've a responsibility to repay my advisor's good intention for fighting very hard for my promotion. He's a good boss indeed. 

It's been tiring all these while facing the same old people, doing the same old things. I tend to be demotivated by their style of working. How on earth did they survive in such a demotivated, not energetic life? I'm lose to that.

Seriously, I need to get myself a new motivation in life. A dry life like that is too meaningless. 

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