Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Say nothing to brainless people...~

Oh well...I'm kinda fed up with these people. Why can't they just be more brainy?!

You know, it's kinda wasting time talking mandarin to a person who can talk mandarin, BUT unfortunately, can't understand mandarin. So, what's the point la?! 

I've got this problem almost most of the time in my office. I wonder what on earth are they thinking of? Why can't they just focus?! Things get worst when you start explaining accounting to a person who know nothing about accounts, and yet, all they know is window dressing.

Well, you enjoy doing it but not me. I have my professional ethics to follow. You can't blame me for disallowing you people to do so.

Some of them even worst. Come on!!! Search for the caused and get a solutions. Writing report is not just about plotting graph, creating tables and etc. You need a reason, caused and solutions. You can't expect a perfect report with no explanation. If there's an over budget issue turning up, explain!!! No big deal...!!!

These brainless people have been doing brainless report, giving stupid suggestions and showing their lousy temper. Oh, please!!!! Showing temper isn't going to work on me. Like I've mentioned earlier, I've my professional ethics too. 

You have your brainless, I have my ethics.  That's all!!! Never ever try to instruct me with something that sound ridiculous to me. I'll never accept that. 

It's very a shame of them to tell the others that they know account, when they are actually knowing nothing about that. Yet, they think they can manipulate us.

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