Monday, January 5, 2015

Imitation is bad...

In this world, there's always weird thought coming out from human brain. But, why? Well, I don't even understand that too.

Nevertheless, there's one thing I'm very sure is that human are born to be full of jealousy. They envy other's good; They envy other's benefit; They envy other's profit; They envy other's generous. And there they go with the feeling of envy all the way along their life road.

I've met a lady of late 30s. I don't get her point of jealousy or maybe rather known as late determination, I guess?! She's been enjoying the life of 'copycat-ing' people's idea.

What makes the  irritation is that no one have the intention to compete with her! Can't she just do as she likes? What's with the stupid idea of 'copycat' here?

Imitation is bad; disturbing people's business is even worst.  Come on, lady! Just do your part and dig your own idea. Stop stealing ideas...its irritating! 

P.s. To me, it's more to awful because you can't even do your daily responsibility well. How could people expect you to do better in imitation?!

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