Saturday, April 4, 2015

Nothing is fair...and that's it!!!

One day, when you realised the people around you become a nightmare, what would you do? What if the nightmare is no longer just a nightmare? Would you choose to face it or to runaway? 

To me, the place and the people are all a nightmare now. Gradually, they started to turn into monsters. I have no idea what else I could do besides to fight it.

The passion to perform is no longer in my mind. Everything is just a nonsense to me. Who else would have the passion to perform in this world of enemy now?

All have a mindset......that is to fight for the power but not the work. They want more and more powers but not workload. They can cheat the whole world that they're very very busy. They can lie to the people that their staff is useless and helpless in their career. This is the tactics that monsters could do.

However, monsters would never knew that education is everything. Educated people are not easy to be manipulated. 

Don't think that you can manipulate people and never try to back stab people. They bring no harm as long as you didn't treat them bad.

I knew there were no judgement on how a thing should be. Sometimes something are meant to be like this. I accept it and so I choose to......

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