Sunday, July 26, 2015

Curiosity of Human~

Well, I don't find the reason for people to be so curious about one's life. Is it just merely wanted to send their regards? Is it my life is too interesting to them? I really don't get the point for them to be so curious about it......

I am not being selfish for not sharing any of my life story. It's just simply not the right moment yet. Most importantly, they are not the right person to inform or to get to know as yet. Oh well, they are just those chaotic human that always create an issue in my life. So, I don't find a reason why I should tell them now.

Out of this big society, there are a lot of human with all kinds of pattern. It's rather impossible for me to suit them all. I am ought to protect myself and choose the best for myself, instead of, wasting my time to entertain the others. Come on!!! Loving ourselves is the most important thing to do before we can love others. If I cannot even protect myself from all those weirdos out there, how am I going to protect others in the future?!

Human enjoyed being protected, so do I!!! Therefore, being not responsive with certain questions is not a mistake made in life. It's just not the right moment at this point of time. I enjoy the moment where there are people being caring about my life. However, spare me some time and some space. I just need my own personal life, private corner, you got that?!

I am being so fed up with these certain human since the incident they have created last time. I don't think that I should let the same thing to happen again this time. Can't they just leave me alone? What?! Bugging me is their lifetime mission, is it?!

Sometimes, I just can't read their mind. If they have the time, it's better that they spend their curiousity to the old ones, who need their caring badly, rather than on me, who is actually seen as their competitors. I have no interest with any competition, okay!!!

Humans...weird humans...~

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