Thursday, July 16, 2015

Passion with limit

Through the storm and rain I have passed, finally I am where I am today. Being who I am to be now, it's a hardship in life. The urge to face all the things alone; the courage to move on all the circumstances; the stress to defeat all the human kind. 

It's a good experience I have gained from the past that help me to get motivated to move further. The most important in life now is to not repeat the same mistake. 

I have learnt to not supply my passion with those who do not appreciate it. Chances are always given to everyone. However, some people just won't worth giving the chances to. 

Regardless how rude can a person be to me, I am still stick with this concept that is to smile and replied a ''Thank you'' as a respect to myself. This is personality, okay! I should not be influenced by the person's rude attitude. 

I am happy that I can make it out, even though there is still some issue going on. Anyway, issues are main to be settled and faced. I have no choice but to face it and get overcome with. 

Well, being alone and self defenceless, I have no blame on others. This is my choice here though the initial urge was from TY~

I will truely remember all I have paid off from TY!!! This is something to remember for my lifetime. 

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