Sunday, August 16, 2015

Belief in life...

I have no offence but just merely some of my thoughts in life. Well, everyone will have their own thoughts and beliefs. Thus, we cannot say who is right and who is wrong. Basically, it's just some different thoughts that one might have.

Honestly, I would not say that one's belief is of no reason. However, I feel that being a strong believer in ourselves is much better. Well, we know ourselves better than anyone else could be. It's the inner strength that we have got in order to guide us and lighten up the routes in life. I guess that is why there are lots of motivational activities and quotes in life.

Motivational quotes and activities in life are good. It helps us to remind of who we are, what are we doing and facing, where are we moving towards, and etc. I don't find it to be of no purpose. The guidance and enlighten of one self is actually quite important. One has to be really of upright spirit in order to get ourselves to be in the right position in life.

There are moments where one get lost of themselves. Nevertheless, that is not the end of it. All we have got to do is to get out of there and be passionate in life. We have to learn to stand up and move on to everything that might be coming to us, instead of, just sit back and do nothing on every failure we face.

We must not always blame others on the failure and circumstances that we faced, but to be thankful to every situation that we are put into it. Why?! You must be questioning yourself. It is simply because we need to accept the challenge we have got. Every challenge make us grow. That is what life is.

Therefore, be brave in life and accept what that is meant for us to face. Time will make all these into a past one day, sometimes in the future. At the mean time, just carry on and think of a solution instead of running away of it.

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