Saturday, October 3, 2015


HUMAN is such a complicated creature that could hardly be predicted......

They can be seen as a goddess human that have a kind and warmth heart; They can be seen as an evil. This is the world!!! The real world is always far way different from the fairy tell stories. What we must do is to be alert to all the things around us all the time. There is no time for us to sit back and relax.

I honestly admit that I do not understand this world well.

I always belief that one can be evil but deep inside them should exist this kindness in them. Nevertheless, it seems to be such a disappointment when I keep realising that HUMAN is evil in nature rather than angelical.

It is such a heartbreaking situation when you get to meet all those ill-minded human out there. They just do not spare you a thought of what others will feel upon their ill-acted to others. I seriously cannot accept that. I mean, come on! Why can't human just live fairly with each other?! Is it really that hard? I seriously don't get it!!!

Some people just enjoy competing... Well, healthy competition is good but not with those stupid and low classed techniques. At least do it as far as you can. Unfortunately, that is not what a human thinks. So, again, I am speechless!!!

Can I just hate human?

BUT, human make this world live...~

I don't know...I seriously cannot make my mind clear.

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