Sunday, July 9, 2017

Lovely Penang Trip 💕

Flashback about my short escape to Penang.

It is truly a memorable trip. I really enjoyed the moment I had there. Even though it is all about food and nice scenery, but for me that is what I need the most.


I'm in love with one of the best relaxing place after an hour of walk all the way up the Penang Hill.

It's indeed a memorable moment to have for me back then. The air was just refreshing enough. Oh, come on! It was a natural free air conditional~

Having a cup of coffee with a slice of cheesecake was just the most relaxing thing to do in life.

Not to forget the natural surrounding of it as well. It is just so refreshing to us. I can hear the sound of nature. The cold wind is whispering to my ears softly; The birds are chirping in the serene nature.

I was so contented with the photo I have had along the way walking up the hill as well. The feeling to be close to nature was just so nice and I am still eager to be there again one day. The views are just so refreshing to us who likes nature.

I truly fall in love with this nature feel that I have had throughout the trip.

We have got a chance of free ride down the hill on a pick-up. Oh well! The feeling is just so nice~

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